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Welcome To Vilcabamba
"The Sacred Valley of Longevity"

This Is A Privately Circulated Blog, scribbled exclusively for Friends & Familiars, that peers into and pontificates about Expat life in the hinterlands of South America. If your eyesight is less than optimal (like mine), then just click the type size up a notch on your browser..

Here you will find a series of curmudgeonly commentaries that I've posted from atop my rickety old soapbox for the past few years. And yes, there are indeed political rantings, so place your seats in the upright position and fasten your seat belts .... it may be a bumpy ride.


A Repost From Back In December 2011

(I thought that this little gem ought to be reposted. Back then it was titled "Wandering Down Woo-Woo Avenue"):

Any damned fool knows that pyramid power and such belongs in the province of Tinfoil-Hat-wearing weirdoes, right? ... Right? Well, let me share a little journey down Woo-Woo Street I recently took.

For almost a year there has been a quite beautiful little piece of "art sculpture" sitting on my coffee table. It has the look of something that Terrance McKenna's "self-replicating Elves from DMT-space" might have crafted. And yes, it was in a pyramid shape, made out of a clear resin and about six inches high.

Through the resin could be seen a coil of copper around a large crystal sitting on a bed of what appeared to be tiny metal shavings. There was a "machine" look to it, but certainly no outer controls to turn it on … or whatever. And so it sat there.

Then a couple of days ago I was sent a link to a video presentation. Imagine my surprise (if that's not too tame a word) when I saw what appeared to be a duplicate of my "art sculpture" that the speaker was holding and discussing. It was, he said, "an Orgone Generator" created to attract and then amplify the orgone energy first described by Wilhelm Reich back in the 1930s. AH-HA! The proverbial palm slapped my forehead in startled recollection. Yes, THAT Wilhelm Reich!

I had read all about Reich back in high school …. about the fact that he was the only scientist to ever have his books and research papers burned by minions of the U.S. government. The poor fellow, who was either a genius or a medical madman, was also tossed into prison where he died shortly thereafter in curious circumstances. I remembered thinking at the time that the government spent a lot of effort to shut this supposed nut-case up, and wondered if there wasn't something to the good doctor's claims after all. And here was one of his inventions …. sitting right on my own coffee table.

So with the wriggle of my fingers and a pushing around movement of my hand, my computer keyboard and mouse led me to a consultation with the Great Oracle Google. My little "objet 'd art" was, I discovered, a powerful devise for transmuting the negative energy of electrical impulses into the positive polarity of Orgone energy. Hm-mmm. OK, that supposedly meant that the little "machine" zapped the low frequencies emitted from my computer, the neighborhood cellular towers, CIA Scalar waves, HAARP signals and all the other conspiracy theory electronic "smog" in my immediate environment. WOW! Not only that, but it was reported THE best delta-level deep sleep inducer ever invented!

Now that was something that non-scientist Patrick could check out for himself, and I did. Guess what? For the last three nights in a row my little Apple iPod application that captures sleep habits indicated that I enjoyed almost seven straight hours of deep, deep delta-level sleep each of those nights. What I personally experienced was three nights worth of the most incredible technicolor dreaming that I can ever remember having …. after I moved the little pyramid out of the living room and onto the bedside table right next to my head. It was without doubt the best night's sleep I'd had in years.

The end result of my impromptu experiment is that I'm trying to find a king-sized version of the Orgone Generator and see if I can't sweep all of the errant electronic dust out of Vilcabamba itself. But now I find out that there are many such devises "chugging away" here in Vilcabamba, supposedly helping to maintain our pristine environment. And maybe it's why the Old People of Vilcabamba have so much energy and live so long. Little did I know!

A hold-your-breath report will follow from a newly minted member of the Woo-Woo Club. .


What If ........

What if all the knowledge of the world was to be found at your fingertips? What could you do with this information; for the betterment of the world?

Well, such information does indeed already exists. And yet little of it is used for the benefit of mankind. As our Elders continually point out, we seem doomed to repeat our past mistakes and not learn from them. We are told that there is nothing new under the sun, only a repurposing of the old. But is this true?

Would anyone from the 1900's agree that little has changed in the way of technology in the past one hundred and seventeen years? Not likely. But all too little of what has emerged in all those years has served to make life substantially better for us here on Earth, including our health and well-being. Today, despite the plethora of bells and whistles of our healthcare system and a fairly large increase in longevity from improved sanitation and child care, we are sicker, fatter and more un-healthy than our ancestors were. Something is obviously wrong, but what exactly is it?

This past hundred years plus has seen the decrease in small family farms from seventy percent down to less than one percent, the deprecation of topsoil and the introduction of Frankenfoods into our food stock ... all of which has caused our food supply to change drastically. What is seldom considered is that for almost 100,000 years, people ate no more than about 40 things in their annual diet around the world. Today we have 7 plus billion people who have access to over 100,000 kinds of foods, mostly denatured examples of the food technologists-derived unnatural offerings. And that, dear readers, is but one of the reasons for our nutritional problems today which is NOT for the betterment of mankind.


What's Being Missed Here

Something that everyone is missing about the most recent Wikileaks download bombshell about the CIA is that this information completely nullifies that portion of the Deep State that has been spying on international corporate entities. Corporations! Think about that for a moment.

At least for those business concerns that take appropriate measures, as discussed in the Wikileaks disclosures, their businesses can more or less protect themselves from the federal snoops. This in itself is a game- changer that has profound implications in helping international corporations guard their proprietary secrets.

And then too there’s long-term business plans that these businesses need to keep secret. All of this has been scooped up in the past by the NSA and other national security agencies, for what reasons nobody knows. Remember, not all business proprietary information is guarded by patents.


I Hate To Admit Being Wrong

I really hate being wrong about something, but fair-is-fair and I must admit that I was mistake. In an earlier post something was written that indicated that the MSNBC commentator/anchor, shown above, was nothing but a highly paid shill for the democatic party. However, I've since discovered that she is actually a holding-feet-to-the-fire critic of the henchmen of Donald Trump's inner circle, along with being someone who holds a decidedly liberal bias. Without any doubt, Rachel Maddow delivers the 'news' in a style and tone unlike any other MSM commentator.

The more I watch her show on cable news, the more I have come to appreciate her unique method of reporting. She has proven to be a well-informed news anchor, part of which is perhaps due to her academic doctorate in politics from the University of Oxford in England as a Rhodes Scholar. Her show made Maddow the first openly lesbian host of a prime-time news program in the United States.

All this despite the over-hyped and vastly under-delivered so called "truth bomb" that Ms. Maddow breathlessly proclaimed about Donald Trump's tax returns for 2005 being a political disaster for the new president. That one set her back a bit from her lofty perch as a major news reporter on television.

So for the moment I take back my original critical review and suggest instead that the readers of this blog give the Rachel Maddow Show a look-see and make up your own minds.


The Chart That Tells It All

A quick peek at the above chart reveals at a glance where we are now in the trends that count. Not good at all. It doesn't take much if any explanation.


One of The Most Dangerous People In The World

She's dead now, but in her prime she was a polarizing figure in the world of philosophy and economics. Ayn Rand was her name and such luminaries as Alan Greenspan was one of her disciples. I first read her work in my early youth, when still forming my view of the world. The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged quickly became my two favorite explanations for the way in which understanding of capitalism was considered.

The bold, handsome visage of the woman shown above shocked many a lad and lass in my youth with her uncompromising thoughts, and continues to do so even today. Want a taste? Well try this:

"Money is the tool of men who have reached a high level of productivity and a long-range control over their lives. Money of not merely a tool of exchange: much more importantly, it is a tool of saving, which permits delayed consumption and buys time for future production. To fulfill this requirement, money has to be some material commodity which is imperishable, rare, homogenous, easily stored, not subject to wide fluctuations of value, and always in demand amount those you trade with. This leads you to the decision to use gold as money, Gold money is a tangible value in itself and a token of wealth actually produced." (Ayn Rand, "Egalitarianism and Inflation").

Chairman Greenspan, despite his sixteen years of heading the Federal Reserve Bank, still believes what she said today. Shouldn't you?


Broken News

I happened to stumble upon Rachel Maddow’s show a couple of days ago and was greeted by a proclamation of a breaking news story, one that she and MSNBC alone were privy to. The lead in promised that her “scoop” was an amazing bit of journalism, and indeed it appeared to be.

It was, as it turned out, a political poll that showed that a significant number of people disagreed with President Trump about something or other. The problem with this poll was that it failed to show the number of people questioned or their demographics, which to my mind at least nullified this "proprietary-only-we-have-it“ would be scoop.

This kind of thing, much like the unattributed stories so prevalent in the mainstream press these days simply plays on the fears of the public, without providing any source material to backup the assertions. This is the crux of what we call "Fake News" and is a gross disservice to all who consume these purported news stories.


The Dark Clouds Of Conflict

Make no mistake about it, the dark clouds of battle hover over the nation’s capital. Donald Trump’s minions are engaged in an all-out warfare with the U.S. Deep State version of the intelligence services. President Trump appears to be in conflict with the entrenched intelligence community on many levels.

The recent take-down of Lieutenant-General Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, based partly on unsubstantiated intelligence leaks along with reputedly lying about his interaction with Russian government sources appeared to be a soft "coup d’├ętat” by dissident factions of the CIA, NSA and FBI. Aided and abetted by Trump’s brand of unscripted, haphazard and chaotic political tweets that flood the media, the battle rages on. But there’s more to the story than this.

The conventional Democratic and Republican parties have miserably failed their constituents. The pundits and political professionals all failed to properly read the pulse of the public. It is true that Hillary Clinton was clearly an uninspiring and compromised candidate, due to her ties to Wall Street and war mongering, but her loss went deeper than that.

Amidst this ongoing political conflict there is another crises at work, and it is both global and systemic. The Deep State factions world-wide, whether conservative or liberal, are being disrupted by mass protests of the disenfranchised. These storm clouds are bearing down not only in the U.S. but across Europe as well. And yet once again the political elites are tone deaf, failing to understand what is happening, Oh so sad.


The Dissemination Of Truth

Not all that long ago (in geological time) “Truth”, as opposed to false doctrine, was dispensed by monks of the Holy Roman Church in their laboriously written script.

Today, of course, it most often appears in the Mass Media or the jottings of widely dispersed bloggers, some of whom merely “retweet” dubious information that is called by some as “fake” news.

It is the speed of this communication that is different, not necessarily the trusted source (or lack thereof). That and the fact that illiteracy was so pronounced that few outside the Church elite could even read what the monks were scribbling on their parchment.

In view of our broken educational system, I find myself wondering if this isn’t what we are experiencing today in our inner cities and other pockets of the poor, where illiteracy runs rampant.


Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Christmas is here again - almost without fanfare this year. Probably due to the raucous noise of the election having dominated our thoughts these past several months.

We are all of us saturated by news events from both mainstream and alternative sources, some “fake” and some not. It seems to require a high degree of discernment or a well-honed bullshit meter these days to tell the difference.

I must admit that I paid a certain amount of attention to the North American political circus through the long-distance lens of a foreign expat presently residing in the Ecuadorian Andes. I didn’t however cast a vote.

To my own surprise, after 100% of the nation’s media and most of the pollsters indicated that Hillary Clinton would be the winner, Donald Trump emerged victorious. And now a nation that is still deeply divided and unsettled is inching ever so slowly towards some kind of equilibrium, even though the Democratic partisans still cannot come to grips with their loss.

Only time will tell whether or not the “deplorables” were correct in their faith in Mr. Trump as their president. It is, however, a proven fact that the professional politicians who have been governing ‘We The People’ have been doing a really lousy job of it, so I’m willing to give the new President Elect and his cabinet appointees some elbow room before passing judgement. As they always say - actions speak louder than words.

And so I wish all my friends, familiars and readers a heartfelt Happy Holidays.


The Lost Interview of Steve Jobs

Here's a little treat for all you 'hippy/computer nerds', a just-found interview of Steve Jobs that was lost in shipment from London back to the U.S. It is one of the most thoughtful and introspective interview of Jobs ever conducted. Click link below.

Steve Jobs Interview


Who Is The Immigrant ....

Hm-mmmm ... this might be a little too subtle for at least a few of my eight readers, but think in terms of Melania Trump as the immigrant. (A tip of my hat to the Admin of "The Burning Platform").



The perfect ending to a horrific, tumultuous, divisive US election. Click below:

Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah sung by K.D. Lang


Newest Clif High Bombshell

There is a web link that is worth clicking on, just to see what is going on within the Deep State of the USA, especially the current political election.

The guest on the Greg Hunter USA Watchdog show is the Internet data mining expert Clif High of www.Halfpasthuman.com. To view click on:

Clif High Youtube Post


And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouching toward us … drawing nigh.

One can easily insert one or the other’s names of our hapless presidential contenders to the paraphrase of William Butler Yeats’ poem. Rough beasts indeed.

But this is an election that I will sit out, voting for neither one of these two would-be “leaders of the free world”. No matter who ‘wins’ this contest, at least half the citizens of North America are the losers. Not much of an election mandate is it?

I must admit that were I to cast my vote it would probably be for Donald J. Trump ... just to see all the professional politicians freak out in fear of what The Donald would do in the way of draining the swamp that is Washington, DC.