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This Is A Privately Circulated Blog, scribbled exclusively for Friends & Familiars, that peers into and pontificates about Expat life in the hinterlands of South America. If your eyesight is less than optimal (like mine), then just click the type size up a notch on your browser..

Here you will find a series of curmudgeonly commentaries that I've posted from atop my rickety old soapbox for the past few years. And yes, there are indeed political rantings, so place your seats in the upright position and fasten your seat belts .... it may be a bumpy ride.


"The Drum Major Instinct" Martin Luther King, Jr

Here is something quite different from my usual 'offerings'. By way of the always brilliant mind of "Jesse"


It is the last sermon given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr prior to his assignation 2 months later.

It is a christian-oriented sermon, but it goes far beyond mere secularism and is something that needs to be heard with an open and unbiased mind. As important today as it was some 40 years ago.